Starting in 1997 KATSUYOSHI KAMEDA has been collecting and selling antiques and artefacts in and out of Japan. 

He has the knack for finding beauty through [scrap material], becoming immersed in [gathering] and [placing]

When the word “industrial” was barely recognised in the realm of art, he was raised industrial-like by his acquaintances, although he did not understand the actual meaning of industrial. Instead, he thought the word “industrial” meant [in], [dust] and [real]

Later on he became a trailblazer existence and found significant meaning for a genre called “JUNK”.

In 2002, he established [DJANGO EPI-DE-MIC] in Chichibu city, Saitama prefecture, and devel- oped a independent path of art, keeping distance from existing media art. 

Ever since 2002, while gaining acclaim and experience from celebrities and variety of industries, he conducted various street personal art exhibition shows that continue to this day. 


It's a inside place no seen.

It's presence, while being controversial, emits a conspicuous figure.
1997年からアンティーク、骨董品の収集と販売の為国内外を闊歩。傍らに当時未開拓だったscrap material[廃材]に美を見出し、[拾う]と[置く]に没頭。industrialという言葉の認知がまだ低い頃、周囲からインダストリアル系と賛辞されるも当人は知らずに[in][dust][real]と解釈。後に“JUNK”と呼ばれる分野の草分け的な意義、存在となる。2002年に埼玉県秩父市に[DJANGO EPI-DE-MIC]を設立し、既存のメディアアートから一線を画す独自路線を展開。以来著名人や各業界からの支持やオファーを横目に個展等ストリートワークを行い現在に至る。
It's a inside place no seen.